Industry: Associations

Associate with the member engagement experts

Marketing for associations often requires a reset, a reinvention to showcase the brand as being contemporary, innovative and constantly evolving. Merz has the passion and the experience to help you get there. Associations are always looking to grow membership, stay viable and engage their member base and yet we often see a cookie cutter branding approach that doesn’t get the job done. With an expertise in association branding, we are called upon to refresh a tired, outdated association brand image and bring it to life. A strategic rebranding campaign can boost membership and staff morale while giving an association a vibrant, new brand identity. To be successful, you have to uncover the emotive reasons why individuals/organizations want to “commit” to your association and show them that membership is much more than an annual conference and the expected benefits. An association’s core brand essence delivered in an emotional way is what will elevate your brand stature.